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The Story

As a former CEO, Sport Physiotherapist (BSc. NL) and Special Forces Military Instructor I really become alive when I work with people that are having dreams and desires that would be considered close to impossible to most. Working with professional athletes and leaders from all industries for years as a Physical therapist prooved this once again, the greater the clients mind-set and goals, the more joy I get out of it. Leaving the company I built to pursue Triathlon on a professional level will evolve into a self-centered and challenging journey in order to become the best athlete one can be. In contrast to that new life which is coming, I spent most of my time in the past focused on rehabilitating my patients the quickest way possible and built a business based on that idea. I realised that I need to keep working with motivated and positive individuals in order for me to feel balanced and through that gain energy to keep improving as an athlete myself. 

Matti Weitz Personal Training Zürich.jpg.jpg

The 1% Personal Training

The 1% stands for individuals who already have a highly developed mind-set, drive and focus in their field of expertise and for those who are keen to become one of them. This program certainly isn't for anyone but rather people who are looking for someone that is highly committed in their corner to get them physically and mentally them to where they want to be.

Why the wolf?

The wolf demonstrates the desired personality traits my customers seek out. Wolves are intensely ambitious and never shy from hard work. Socially adept, they function well in leadership and management roles as well as jobs requiring vision and strength of character. They demand loyalty and provide the same allegiance to their circle of people. The ability to perform under pressure helps them perform at the highest levels.


Where do we train?

We meet and train in the Halle 41 gym located right in the center of Zürich at Hardbrücke or alternatively in Kloten.

How do we train?

Below you will find the training principle we will follow. Depending on your shape and the time needed to achieve your vision each of the training blocks will vary in length and intensity.

Cross Fit Class

Adaptation phase

Heavy Lifting

Building phase

Strong Woman

Peak phase

Adaptation phase

  • Training load primarily build through duration of load (high repetitions) and not high weight in order to give muscles, tendons and body time to adapt to new stimulus 

  • High focus on mobility and correct muscle activation

  • Shorter rests between sets 30-60sec.

  • 3-6 weeks depending on individuals condition and experience

Building phase

  • Training load primarily build through progressively increasing weights and less repetitions since the body is ready for a new stimulus after a successful adaptation phase

  • Medium rest times between sets 60-90sec.

  • 4-8 weeks depending on individuals goal and season of athletes

Peak phase

  • Training load primarily build through high load with weights and few repetitions to work on max. strength. In addition plyometrics/jump work and reactive coordination work will be integrated.

  • Long rest times 3-5 Min.

  • 4-6 weeks depending on individuals goal and season of athletes


Find out below how I can help you and learn more about the process how we get started.

Matti Weitz Personal Training Zürich.jpg.jpg

Weekly Support


Individuals who need weekly guided training sessions one-by-one in the gym to reach their goal.


2x a week 60 Min. PT for an initial 12 week block for optimal results and focus during that period.

Monthly Support


Individuals like athletes that use strength & mobility training to i.e. improve their physical performance in their respective sport or prevent injuries.


1x every 4-6 weeks 60 Min. to adjust training plan and correct technique.

Matti Weitz Personal Training Zürich.jpg.jpg
Matti Weitz Personal Training Zürich.jpg.jpg

What I Do

Single Session

60 Min. 

190,- CHF

Weekly Support
12 x 60 Min.

Recommended for a 6 week training block

1-2 x 60 Min. per week

2160,- CHF 

(180,- CHF / hour)

Weekly Support
24 x 60 Min.

Recommended for a 12 week training block

1-2x 60 Min. per week

4080,- CHF

(170,- CHF / hour)

Monthly support

Ideal for athletes with own coaches or clubs from all sports

6 months subscription 

Meet every 4-6 weeks for 60 Min. to adjust training plan

1080,- CHF

(180,- CHF / hour)


Halle 41 Fitness gym in Zürich and Kloten 

  • Train in 2900m²  state of the art gym with a modern yet comfortable interior in downtown Zürich (Hardbrücke) or in Kloten (5 Min. from Airport)

  • Reduced pricing for yearly fitness subscription

  • In house professional child care for your young ones while we train

  • Access to full body scans with detailed analysis of fat, muscle and water percentage to track our progress

  • Access to Cryotherapy

  • Possibilty to include group fitness classes into our training plan on top of our sessions

Halle 41 Sport Physiotherapy in Zürich and Kloten 

  • Quickest access to in house appointments with professional Sport Physiotherapists, Cranio-sacral therapist and Osteopaths

  • In house Massage therapists, Shock wave therapy, Dry needling and more to keep your body in balance

  • Sport Performance Center access to scientifically proven, exact muscle testing of your body's ability in Kloten

  • quickest possible rehabilitation of acute injuries or accidents

Network of doctors and specialists in Zurich area

  • 48 hour access to MRI and more

  • 24 hour access to operations like ACL and more with highly sought after doctors

  • Recommendations to specialist doctors from orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors as well as professional dieticians

Made possible by the Zürich based specialised sports and orthopaedic doctors with whom I've worked with for years and are highly motivated to get athletes back to sports as soon as possible.


Dr. Carmen Grosse, Specialist Doctor Sports Medicine and Surgery

(IRONMAN World Champion Triathlete)


Zürich based Sport Medicine and Surgery Clinic

Prof. Dr. Erggelet (Knee & Hip specialist)

PD Dr. Patrick Vavken (Shouler & Elbow specialist)

Dr. Julia Vavken (Spine and Paintherapy specialist)

Dr. Markus Michel (Hip specialist)

The quickest way to get an appointment is directly through me. Shoot me an E-mail and we will make it happen.

Then read on.

I only have very limited place available and I want to make sure we are a good fit for each other.



We plan a 60 Min. free of charge session together 


We talk about your vision and goals. After initial strength and mobility testing we do a basic training session together.


I give you an estimate of training time needed on a weekly and monthly scale to achieve your goal. If needed I refer you to other specialists like dietician.


If we are a good fit we commit to your vision and get to work together. 

Matti Weitz Personal Training Zürich.jpg

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