It is my passion to inspire, motivate and teach in the areas I am competent in. With my background in leadership, as an instructor in the German Special Forces in the military and then the business world, with several managers and 50+ employees, I will try my best to guide you as a person and/or your staff, to achieve your goals. 

So let's have a look how I can help you and/or your company out.

Matti Weitz 1 hour consultation

1- hour consultation

triathlon & strength training advice

Mind-set advice:

What stops you achieving your goals?

60 Min. SessionSkype/WhatsApp Call

Pricing: 99,- CHF

Matti Weitz Motivational speaker

Motivational Speaker

Improve corporate culture

Inspire and motivate your team for better work place wellbeing.

Find out what is missing for optimal performance through an individual company analysis

Tailored talks to the need of the company or audience