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Matti Weitz Hawaii World Championship Triathlon

Stronger together


It is my goal to build a team of professional partners around me that seek to become the best in their industry and never stand still. From my past life in business I understand the needed values for a successful partnership, which in this case is the athlete as a brand himself and the company with their product or service.

The relationship needs to benefit both parties in order to work well. 

I am looking to work with companies that are visionaries and going all in in their respective field. Just like the goal I have to become the best athlete I can be. 

Matti Weitz TheMagic5 Swim Googles

Custom fit, great visibility, style and longevity!

My choice for swim goggles for my PRO career.

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What partners can expect from me


I gave up a life that I worked tremendously hard to attain, in order to fully focus on this chapter. 100% effort, day in and day out, is my sole interest. This is what I expect from myself and the partners I work with. Let's achieve greatness together.

Social Media presence

Professional pictures and focus on content that produces value in form of entertainment and education for the audience. Reels are an effective way to document nature 'get-aways', in a compact format and attracts many viewers (up to 18k per so far)


To date, I have finished 13 long-distance triathlons, with many podiums and wins, along with two IRONMAN Kona starts since the age of 22. I have made many mistakes, from diet to coaching and overtraining. I am grateful for the failures of the past, as they have made me a much more complete athlete today. I do believe I have found the athletic blueprint for what I need to realise my potential. Now it is time to execute on it!


In order to get great results after starting the sport professionally at 32, I need to approach it smarter and with more focus than my competitors, some of whom started at 14 years of age! I have a great team with my wife, friends & family, coach, chiro and more, to maximise the journey without risking injury or setbacks.

Youtube creator

My channel will focus on high quality content, tailored to triathletes and the general public. By documenting my journey in detail and using the "Athlete's mind Series", I will try to inspire people to upgrade their mindset to set goals and achieve them.

Used to high-level performing

I am used to the pressure to perform and deliver results on a certain day. I know the needed mind space and balance to perform long term. I have found my blueprint on how to perform optimally. 


Find possible benefits to promote your brand in unique ways below:

  • Employee wellbeing services like ergonomic workplace adjustments, training plans and run coaching

  • Logo presence in weekly YouTube video, weekly e-mail newsletter and blog posts

  • Product placement and individual promotion in YouTube videos and on social media platforms

  • High quality photography and cinematic short movies as well as reels that create a story behind the product

  • Blog posts on the best use for your product for the athletes (i.e. race nutrition guide etc.)

  • And much more, contact me for more information


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