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Matti Weitz Triathlete Laufen


About Me

So who is this guy?

Let me give you a brief history lesson of my past

Up until the age of 32, I went with what society and people around me thought are a normal path for a career. However, I always brought my own twist to it. After high school, I applied and got into a Special Forces Unit focusing on mountain terrain and eventually becoming an instructor for the new recruits - my first introduction to leadership. After that: study abroad in the Netherlands, finish studies, live abroad in the UK and finally ended up in one of the most beautiful nature training grounds, that is Switzerland. I always did sport from a young age. From handball to running, but mainly martial arts, which was and still is, a great fascination. In Switzerland, I began working in sports injury specialised clinics, which eventually led me to meet my former business partner. From there onwards I applied the same focus and dedication as I have for my passion (sports), towards the business world, focusing on building highly specialised Sports Physiotherapy clinics. To my surprise, we grew tremendously from 2 to over 20 staff members in just 2.5 years.

The issue with this was, that I did not get any positive emotional response from this success. It just wasn't that important to me to build an empire, even though so many patients and employees greatly enjoyed and benefited from the built system. By this time I was training twice daily and my passion for triathlon kept growing, seemingly without limits.


There has always been this one question nagging in my mind though: 

What would happen if you dedicated your whole life and 100% focus to sport alone?

That is a question I need an answer to before it's too late. I have 8-10 years to see how strong I can become, then the biological clock puts an end to the chapter if I want to or not. 

I want to live without regrets and not look back when I'm older and think, "Oh, I wonder how good I could have become?"

A new chapter starts for me.

Throwing away the conventional path of financial security, I am diving head first into the darkness and unknown.

I am beyond excited and cannot wait to see what the universe has in store for me.

I will share my whole journey to become a professional triathlete on Youtube and Instagram.

I hope to have you along for the ride, it's going to be a great adventure!

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