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Make the next year your best so far

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We are heading towards the end of another year. As our grandmas and grandpas always repeatedly pointed out to all of us when we were young, “time is passing so quickly”. The older we get, the faster it swipes past us it seems. Not a bad thing if you enjoy most of what you are doing, day in and day out. Please do not be that person that hates everyday and blames everything around him or her for why her or she is miserable, it’s all on you my friend. You hold the steering wheel, but this is not what I want to write about now.

New year, means new opportunities for all of us! Although procrastinating anything is not a good habit in general (unless it’s a conscious choice to make you better and you need it at that moment), being so close to the end of the year gives us the chance to make a game plan for the next year.

So how can you (realistically) make it into something you can look back on and think, “yep, I did really well there!”

I have read about some that take 2-3 hours to sit down, write it all down in detail and what not. It may work for the real number freaks amongst us, who need the detailed outlet to get through each day, without creating a feeling of anxiety. If you are one of them, I would say take the 3 hours, but for the rest I would recommend the following:

  • Plan in 30 Minutes for yourself in a café/relaxed environment where nobody can disturb you

  • Use stimulating music you really enjoy and zone out (use Bad Moon Rising from Creedence Clearwater Revival if unsure 😉)

  • Take a pen and paper, or better buy a small book with blank pages (better for conscious decision making than electronics)

  • Write down one goal for each area of your life that you want to achieve within the next 3 months (best to split up the year in quarters, everything above gets lost)

Areas of life examples: Family, Friends, Sport/Hobbies, Work, Yourself

Examples for the areas: Family (show more appreciation, like more frequent calls or messages), Friends (give unexpected presents or surprises, surprise visits?), Sport/Hobbies (stay fully in the moment during the training. Always have a positive mindset before sessions, reminding yourself that you really want this), Work (Be the hardest worker in the room, do all tasks a 100% and be a positive driving force in your team), Yourself (Take time for yourself daily, at least 10 Minutes alone without phone etc. just being in the present – meditation would be best; always being kind to yourself, not judging and putting yourself down)

Set an alarm/reminder into your calendar, 3 months out to the day after you did your first 30 Minutes. Where you repeat this process, evaluate what you have achieved and what you haven’t (do not be hard on yourself here) and ask yourself why it may not have worked out so well? Then think of steps that can make it stick for the next 3 months, if you know it is really important for you/people around you to master this skill.

What to do now: Do not think, “Oh yeah, he has a point there, I should really do this” – you put your phone again and go back to the daily hustle, where it will get lost right away.

Take action now! Be a doer, not a ‘don’ter’!

Plan in the 30 Minutes right now, see it as important as a visit to the Doctor for heart surgery.

Do it this week, no excuses like, “I don’t have time”. You do have time. Take the time. Do it in the morning at home before anybody gets up, if that’s your only choice right now.

Ok, Let’s go, and write me a message how you get on.

Send me an email to: about your goals to create a commitment to someone, if you know you need to.

Then I look forward to hearing from you now and 3 months out to the day, including an honest-kind-to-yourself-feedback 😊

Make then next year yours alone,

“Be the hardest worker in the room”


Chat soon,


P.s. Damn, when I preach this, I really have to do this myself as well – planning it in right now!

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