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THEMAGIC5 Review- Swim Googles for Triathletes and Swimmers

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Product Review: My 3 main reasons for choosing to partner up with THEMAGIC5 for my PRO Triathlon career.

I see many rookie PRO athletes jump at every opportunity to partner up with the most random brands, "just to have a sponsor" - that is something I wouldn't even consider one second.

Leaving my job and former life as a CEO behind, I want nothing but exceptional gear to work with to give the highest chance of success. I've been competing in IRONMAN triathlon events for over 12 years with 14 IRONMAN finishes, 2x Hawaii and many more 70.3 events. I've swam in dark muddy water in Scottland and the crystal clear pacific ocean in Hawaii. Each of those swim locations demand a different pair of swim goggles to get the best performance out of it.

Having tried over 10 brands of swim goggles in the last 12 years and having tested the THEMAGIC5 goggles for over a year now in training and racing, I am very happy with the goggles overall!


Before ordering the goggles, you need to scan your face via your phone to get the costum fit that THEMAGIC5 is known for. As a triathlete I have all my race swim szenarios in the open water with different day light conditions. I train to be in the front pack in PRO racing which can mean either leading the pack or jumping on someones feet and save about 20-30% energy at the same speed by doing so. Eitherway, you need so SEE exactly what is going on for swimming in the open water. Waves, other athletes, clouds or rain - many factors that can massively impact your overall swim time and is on of the reasons why triathletes cannot hold their "goal pace" which they swam in the pool.

With the THEMAGIC5 goggles I can see what is happening around me (left and right although you look straight ahead) which is a competitive advantage to other goggles that cannot deliver that. Having the variety to choose from different tints (seethrough for cloudy/darker light swims to dark tinted for bright sunny swims or bright pools) is key for me.


Let's not kid ourselves here, we all choose swim goggles because we also want to look stylish and sporty. Besides looking fresh and sporty with a variety of different glass and color options, I like the individual fit and how they meld perfectly in the bone structure of the head. It hasn't been measured as a far as I'm aware but while it's certaily under 1% it must help with aquadynamics and swim speed somehow compared to a clunky huge pair of swim goggles.


Having used one model for 8 months straight in training, I can say I am really happy about the quality and how long they last. Normally goggles get "scratchy" on the inside or outside due to:

  1. Transporting them to/from the pool (this problem is solved by receiving the black case where water can run off and they dry up)

  2. Using saliva on the inside of them just before the swim for natural anti-fog or try out THEMAGIC5's anti fog spray, works like a charm.


As a triathlete with over 12 years of racing IRONMAN's competitively coming out of the water in the front pack, I am sure that you would be happy with a pair of the THEMAGIC5 (and if for whatever reason not, the "fit guarantee" by them makes this a risk-free buy)

Thumbs up from my side, not sure what else I would be looking for for a pair of swim goggles!

Have a look at their products here

Happy swimming,



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